The Speccam Q60 HD Dome camera is ready to go overseas! C1Z1 achieved for this unique product! For a copy of the certificate please contact our Sales team

Speccam 60

BCom is searching for a medior sales engineer. Download the job description here.

Krimpen aan den IJssel - September 18, 2015 - BCom Sentinel with Remote Gas Detection is now available.

With yesterdays official launch of the MSA A5X wireless, the bluetooth enabled multi-gas detector, BCom is now able to deliver the BCom Sentinel Remote Gas Detection solution.


Kiwa ISO 9001 logo NLKrimpen aan den IJssel, 14 juli 2015 - BCom Solutions B.V. received the ISO9001:2008 certification for development and trade in communication equipement. We are proud to have reached this level of business excellence in our relative short period of existence. The certification clearly underlines our goals to provide the market with high-end communication solutions for hazardous areas in a professional manner.


FPAL certificate for BCom Solutions B.V.BCom has passed the Achilles First Point Assesment (FPAL) and is now a registered supplier to the Oil & Gas industry.
Download the certificate here.